Join Us

To join the Coalition, please read through our membership process and fill out the form linked here. To learn more about what membership in the Coalition entails, please see our FAQ below.


  1. What is the process for becoming a member?
    To join as an institutional or organizational member, complete the membership form.
    Membership applications will be reviewed and approved by the Coalition Organizing
    Team. All members must agree to a set of core values, disclose any conflicts of interest,
    and agree to recuse themselves from any Coalition activities where their personal
    interests in the technology industry might represent a conflict of interest.
  2. May I join as an individual? Or should my organization join?
    The Coalition welcomes both individuals and organizations as members. Joining the
    Coalition as an individual does not oblige or imply the support of the organization that
    you may work for.
  3. Can current tech employees join the Coalition?
    No. At this time, those currently staff at tech companies may not be members of the
    Coalition. However, the Coalition maintains communication with supporters and allies
    who share our values but who face significant conflicts of interest that prohibit
  4. Is there a role for journalists, or other individuals, who would like to support the
    Coalition but cannot join an advocacy organization?
    Yes. The Coalition has open channels for communication with journalists and others who
    share our values but cannot engage directly in Coalition work. In particular, we plan to
    conduct interviews and otherwise liaise with journalists as part of our work to make a
    broader public case for independent tech research.
  5. Can organizations and/or individuals from outside of the United States join the
    We are eager to include non-US perspectives in our conversations and thinking. We are
    currently seeking legal advice on the nuances of including members from outside of the
    US. In the meantime, please sign up. We’ll add you to our mailing list and will share
    more information about how to get involved once we receive that legal advice.
  6. Is membership in the Coalition public?
    Yes. Members will be listed publicly on the Coalition website.
  7. What are the benefits of becoming a Coalition member?
    Coalition members will benefit from:

    • The ability to request Involvement and support from other Coalition members on
    • Invitations to participate in Coalition activities (workshops, campaigns, etc) as
      you are available
    • The opportunity to propose projects that could receive Coalition co-branding,
      logistical support, and fundraising support
    • Access to shared communications / collaboration with other members
  8. Must someone be a member to receive support from the Coalition?
    No. The Coalition will provide support to independent researchers in times of crisis
    regardless of membership status.
  9. Are there membership fees?
    No. Membership in the Coalition is free of charge.
  10. Do members vote on actions taken by the Coalition?
    No. The Coalition is currently governed by a group of founding convenors and
    organizers. This group will fundraise and recruit an Executive Director, who we expect to
    start in the spring of 2023. At that point, we will transfer leadership to the ED, supported
    by a Board of Directors. (Please see the attached appendix for details of current
    Coalition governance processes and procedures.)
  11. Does membership imply agreement with all Coalition stances or activities?
    No. Though all members are committed to advancing, defending, and sustaining ethical
    research on the impact of digital technology on society, we are a diverse Coalition and it
    is natural for us to have disagreements. Members will be able to select the Coalition
    statements and documents to which they sign on, and the public list of members will
    contain a qualifying statement to clarify that membership does not imply agreement with
    or participation in all Coalition activities.
  12. How do I become part of the Discourse community?
    Accepted members are invited and encouraged to become part of our Discourse community. Discourse will be our primary means of communicating and collaborating among Coalition members.